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Annual Whale Watch Ireland - 24th August 2014

Whale Watch Ireland, organised annually by the Irish Whale & Dolphin Group is taking place on Sunday, 24th August in allocated areas around the Irish coastline. The purpose of Whale Watch day is to raise awareness of the 24 species of cetaceans (porpoises, dolphins & whales) that have been recorded around the Irish coast, by giving members of the public an opportunity to observe some of these wonderful marine mammals in their natural environment.

We, at Fragrances of Ireland, creators of Inis the energy of the sea, are proud to be a core sponsor of this event! For detailed information on Whale Watch Ireland please go to



Annual Lavender Harvest sale...

Its that time of year again. Our lavender field across the road is in bloom and our annual Lavender Harvest sale will be taking place at our premises here in County Wicklow through all weekends in July. If you are in the area why not come along and bag a bargain! From fragrances, body products, lavender plants & oil, and much much more its's well worth a visit, even to browse around and enjoy the fresh scented lavender wafting in the air. All are welcome....





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 Best Wishes for 2014.....


Visit from US store owner to Fragrances of Ireland....

Photo of Garry Moore, our Operations Manager with with Tiffany Place from The Pelican's Pouch, HIlton Head Island in South Carolina. Tiffany was visiting County Wicklow during the week and popped in to see us all. Tiffany stocks our Inis the energy of the sea at her store and tells us it is one of her best selling products. Thanks Tiffany for supporting Inis and lovely to meet you here in Ireland...




Clare-based photographer wins prestigious British Wildlife Photography Awards with underwater 'Surfing dolphin' image....

Entitled 'In the Living Room', the underwater photo show a bottlenose dolphin surfing a wave at Ballintoy in County Antrim. 

Karbus, a professional free diver originally from the Czech Republic, described the experience as "one of the most incredible sights you can see in the ocean. The photograph was taken in the most intimidating and surf-heavy spot on the Coast of Northern Ireland".

The winning image is included in a book that accompanies the awards and is also being exhibited as part of a free exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London. 



Autumn is fast approaching...

Autumn is fast approaching and the evenings are getting darker earlier, beautiful shot of 'our' Sugarloaf mountain (a stone's throw from our offices here in County Wicklow) at dusk....thanks to Fran Byrne, local photographer. Stunning as always!!



Ireland Whale Watch 2013

As a core sponsor of the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group we are pleased to let you know that the Annual Irish Whale Watch will be happening at headlands around the Irish Coast on Sunday 18th August which is next Sunday. The purpose of Whale Watch Day is to raise awareness of the 24 species of cetaceans (porpoises, dolphins & whales) that have been recorded around the Irish coast and give members of the public an opportunity to observe some of these wonderful sea mammals in their natural environment. This annual all-island event, organised by the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group in association with Inis is free and open to all.

For further information and details on whale watch locations check out The event will take place from 2.00 - 5.00pm and will be a free, guided, landbased whale watch.


 Lavender Harvest Sale

Its that time of year again, our lavender has been harvested and distilled and we are hosting our Annual Lavender Harvest Sale. Our sale will take place during all weekends in July - Please see below for details....


World Baking Day, Sunday 19th May 2013

For all you cake baking lovers out there, this Sunday, 19th May is World Baking Day. People are being challenged to 'Bake Brave' and encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and attempt to bake a cake they have never baked before. It doesn't matter whether your idea of a complicated recipe is a vanilla cupcake or a twelve-tiered masterpiece; everyone can bake braver than before on World Baking Day! We have some avid bakers here in the office who will certainly take up the challenge but we have to admit that most of us just prefer to eat them!! Click on the link to get some some fabulous cake recipes.

Take a look at this wonderful pic below - fabulous cake and just way too good to eat!! We picked this one because as you know, 'the energy of the sea' is close to our hearts here in Fragrances of Ireland.


Bluebell covered woods bursting with colour....

Beautiful shot of Jenkinstown Wood, County Kilkenny covered in bluebells and bursting with colour! A sure sign that Sumer is imminent....(we hope!!!)


Showcase Ireland 2013

Its that time of year again where we take part in the biggest Irish wholesale trade show 'Showcae Ireland'. Showcase is Ireland's biggest Creative Expo giving Irish businesses a chance to showcase their products to the national and international wholesale trade. David & Barbara were busy during the show meeting up with our wholesale customers but it also gives them an opportunity to meet up with potential international buyers who also visit the show annually. This year was particularly busy which is a very positve sign for Irish business. Onwards and upwards for 2013....


   Showcase_2013_012_resized.jpg  Showcase_wave_resized.jpg



Amazing Stuff...

Take at look at the link below. It was reported on Irish media on Wednesday that a superpod of approximately 500 dolphins was spotted along the Wexford coast from a group of marine biologists on board a ferry crossing. Amazing - we were so excited to have THREE resident dolphins along the east coast during last year, but how do we cope with the excitement of knowing there are probably about 500 nearby?? Brilliant  -  as we are big fans of dolphins here at Fragrances of Ireland we are just in awe of it all and following the story with great interest.


Customer Service Reviews...

At Fragrances of Ireland we always work on the belief that our customers are THE most important element of our business. Hence we work hard to make sure our customer service is premium. It is so nice to get some great feedback from our customers and this inspires us to keep going that extra mile for them. Here are some lovely complimentary emails below which we have recently received and are very much appreciated by the staff here in Fragrances.




I was amazed at how quickly my order arrived! I thought it would take two weeks rather than days. Everything was in perfect condition and my order was complete. I plan on giving most of the items as Christmas gifts (but keeping some for myself!) and can't wait to introduce my friends to your products! I discovered them this summer while I was on vacation at the New Jersey shore and I fell in love in Inis (must be my Irish roots!).

Happy Holidays


 Loretta England"



"Many thanks for your best wishes. I hope that 2012 will be prosperous for you all working with Fragrances of Ireland. And also that my beloved Ireland will be prosperous as well and that the people in it will be happy and don't have to worry so much.

I receive for many years now compliments about my fragrance. Thanks to you.

Merry Christmas and a great 2013.

Met vriendelijke groet

Heidi Rasker Boxem"



 "Sincere thanks for delivering my parcel. I will certainly use your website again. Your staff & delivery man were extremely courteous.

Its wonderful to see an Irish Company providing such an efficient service.

Many thanks 

Jennifer Cagney"

 Best wishes for 2013...

Another year has just commenced and we would like to wish all our customers a very happy and prosperous New Year for 2013. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal customers who have continued to support us throughout 2012 and hope you will continue to enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them. 

It is always good to get the opportunity to make a fresh start and although we are always committed to bringing you the best in fragrances, toiletries and of course customer service, we plan to do even better this year so that you our customers continue to be completely satisfied with our service!

So once again, best wishes to everyone for 2013 and heres to new beginnings for us all..!



Facebook Competition....

If you have a moment why not log on to our Facebook page and take a look at our fragrance competition which is running currently & proving very popular with our scent users.

Share the name of your first fragrance with us and let us know who you would like to gift one of our fragrances to. BOTH of you will receive your chosen fragrance as a gift from us. Competition will run from now until Decmeber 19th and a winner will be chosen each day. And....if you haven't already 'LIKED' us on Facebook please do now, we are almost on 2,000 'LIKES' and you can help us to get there even quicker!!!

Have fun...and best of luck in the draw!!!


Christmas season is here....

Tomorrow is December 1st so the Christmas Season is well and truly here. We are certainly feeling it here in Ireland. Temperatures have plummeted over the last few days and we are now waking up to a frost covered countryside. Luckily enough its not taking too long to melt as we have also been very lucky with some lovely winter sunshine.

Here in Fragrances of Ireland we are busy getting all our Christmas orders out and working to schedule to get them delivered before the festive season. Keep an eye out on our website for last date delivery to your area to ensure you receive your order promptly. We are currently working with our warehouses to confirm final dates and these should be posted imminently. In the meantime - HAPPY SHOPPING!!! 


 Christmas is coming....

It’s that time of year again – Christmas is almost on our doorstep and already people are making preparations for the big event.

Here at Fragrances of Ireland we are busy getting our Christmas items & Gift Sets together so that our customers can stock up on their Christmas Gifts. One item which has proved very popular over the years is our Scented Christmas Decoration set. This set consists of three beautiful handcrafted Christmas decorations. Each decoration is hand cast in white plaster and has a hidden shamrock for a touch of Irish luck!! Also included with the set is a bottle of Christmas scented oil which can be used to refresh the decorations from time to time.

 Even kiddies can get in on the act and appreciate these beautiful decorations. Have a look below at Mai and Isaac happily creating their own decorations by colouring in the items to create a totally different & individual look. Well done guys – they look fab!!!




FREE SHIPPING Offer from now until Monday, 15th October....

We are feeling generous here in Fragrances of Ireland at the moment. If you place an order (to the value of $50 / £30 / €30) in our on-line shop (on between now and Monday, 15th October you will be automatically get FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the world.



IWDG Update

Here at Fragrances of Ireland we are very proud sponsors of the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group (IWDG). As the creators of Inis you know how passionate we are about the ocean and one of the perks of the job is that IWDG send us updates on the great research work they are doing off the Irish coast - check out this amazing shot taken by the Irish Air Corp who were assisting the Celtic Mist (IWDG research vessel) and took this amazing photo of two blue whales.....inspirational!!

 Story from a very satified customer.......

From time to time we get some lovely stories sent to us regarding for our fragrances.

Read this one below - full of inspiration and appreciation for Inis - the 'Energy of the Sea' . It was sent to us by Karen in  New Hampshire, USA

I recently purchased yet another bottle of the Inis: The Energy of the Sea Body Lotion and the accompanying information said your company would love to hear more from customers, so that it what I am doing.
My first experience with Ireland was actually on a layover on my way to the the Netherlands and France (an anniversary trip for myself and my husband-- both school teachers). What struck me the most was how amazing the air in Ireland smelled.  It smelled amazingly fresh, like the cleanest ocean and the purest air and the grey skies overhead only served to emphasize the vibrant green of the landscape. Even on a brief layover, I knew Ireland was a place I not only wanted, but needed to return to.
I returned to Ireland a few months later (really by a fortuitous happenstance) and traveled around with my husband from Dublin to Dingle to the Connemara to Galway and back to Dublin. It was amazing and I found that I was invigorated and inspired by the same hauntingly beautiful ocean-like smells that permeate Ireland (in addition to the amazing countryside!). I wanted to keep that inspiration around me always.
 Inis: The Energy of the Sea, to me, encapsulates the smells of Ireland: naturally pure with invigorating energy and striking beauty. It reminds me of the way Ireland seems to me to be still, even in the 21st Century, the place of fairies and magic and wonder. It reminds me of all these things and so much more. 
Thank you so much for creating Inis: The Energy of the Sea.


Details for our Annual Lavender Harvest Sale.........



Celebration of Summer.....

May has finally arrived and we can start looking forward to a gloriously sunny Summer. Or can we?

Ireland is experiencing some of the wettest weather for this time of year - ever! Just today, after days and days of incessant rain, the sun finally peeped through the clouds, giving us hope once again that Summer is on the horizon.

To celebrate the coming of Summer we have some great offers up for grabs:

If you place an order on-line (here on from now until end of May to the value of $50/€35/£28 or more and you will automatically receive FREE SHIPPING.

Plus, order any sized Inis cologne spray (30ml, 50ml or 100ml) and we will send you our 10ml Inis Roll-on, complete with velvet pouch, free of charge!

Just enter promo code inis-rollon during checkout and we will do the rest!


 Baby Eliza....

At last we got to meet little Eliza – the latest edition to Barbara’s family. A little sister to Mae and Isaac. She made her first appearance in Fragrances of Ireland with her mum last week and as you can see both are doing very well!

We were so delighted to meet her and she was not at all perturbed by all of us taking turns to hold her and talk to her. A placid little lady with lots of smiles and curiously wide-eyed taking in her surroundings. I wonder with her early introduction to perfumes will she follow in her mum’s footsteps!!!!


Beautiful Shots.....

Take a look at the photographs below...!

The evening shot is a beautiful red sky over our office building one evening last week during our min-heatwave in Ireland – as they say – red sky at night is a shepherds delight (good weather on the horizon!) but red sky in the morning is a shepherds warning (bad weather looming!!) Oh how true this old proverb is, sure enough temperatures in County Wicklow were near to a very unseasonal 20 deg C the next day.

The other is a shot of David’s beautiful Jasmine plant in his greenhouse, fully in bloom and bursting with fragrance!t!!! This is one of the main ingredients in our Inis Moonlight perfume. Hmmmmm!!!


Thanks to all who entered our St. Patrick's Day Competition

Many thanks to all of you who entered our recent St. Patrick's Day Draw for our hamper of goodies. St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are definitely alive and kicking in many parts of the world today!! The lucky winner is Jesse Collins fromKannapolis, North Carolina, USA. Our hamper is winging its way to you as we speak Jesse - Congratulations from all of us here at Fragrances of Ireland!!

 Greetings to our extended Global Family on St. Patricks Day!!!

  It’s that time of year again – Ireland is in preparation for its National Day – St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th.  Despite our current economic woes, we Irish will forget our worries for one day and party hard as we always do! Already local towns & villages are preparing for their parades, music festivals, Irish dancing displays, sporting events, shamrock and pints of Guinness. Not to mention a thought for St. Patrick himself, who brought the Christian faith to Ireland many years ago and is also credited with banishing snakes and serpents from this Emerald Isle. 

Here at Fragrances of Ireland we would like you, our extended global family around the world to join in our celebrations. From now until St. Patricks Day we would be delighted to hear your stories and see photos if you have them, of how you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in your part of the world. All participants will receive a set of our nine fragrance sample vials by post – free of charge - and will automatically be entered into a draw to take place after St. Patrick’s Day. The winner of the draw will receive a mixed hamper of Fragrances of Ireland perfumes and toiletries. Please send your entry Don’t forget to put your name and full address on your entry so that we can post your samples to you.


And….we are feeling particularly generous at the moment - In addition to the above, and as a St. Patrick’s Day gift to our loyal customers, from now until St. Patrick’s Day all orders from $25/€20/£17 upwards placed on-line will be despatched at no charge – that’s right there will be FREE SHIPPING on these orders. So get your order in ASAP as this great offer will finish at midnight on St. Patrick’s Day.

 Wherever you are in the world today we hope that you will celebrate St. Patrick’ day with us and get to experience a little bit of Ireland in some small way on this our National Holiday.


trade-showed out!!!

 We have just finished a very busy few weeks attending Trade Shows both in Ireland and Stateside.

 David, our MD travelled to the US in mid-January to attend the Surf Expo Show in Orlando and then on to Atlanta to attend the International Gift and Home Furnishings Market.

 In Dublin, Showcase Ireland took place from Sunday, January 22nd until Wednesday, 25th last. On the home front this is the most important show for us during the year. We participate in this event every year where national and international buyers visit and where we exhibit our current product ranges along with those we are hoping to launch during the year.

 This week Carole & Karen are in NYC showcasing our products at the New York Gift Fair.

 Here are  photos below of our Stands at recent shows – these shows contribute greatly to enabling us to showcase our products and attract potential buyers both nationally and internationally. 

 Our next trade show will be at Embassy Suites, in Secaucus, New Jersey in April.


Surf Expo Trade Show, Orlando January 2012 (building itself and our stand!)


 Our stand at Showcase Ireland, RDS, Dublin January 2012